Julia Fox Wore Low-Rise Jeggings That Are Somehow Also Shoes

Over the years, Kristen Stewart’s signature style has evolved in such interesting ways. Her elegant approach to punk has stood out on the red carpet since the early 2010s, and its transformation into modern-day sophistication has been a sight to behold.

This year the actor was nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her chilling, transformative performance in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer. The film tells a fictionalized story of Princess Diana over three days on Christmas holiday with the royal family in the 1990s and dives deep into Diana’s psyche. Stewart’s performance is absorbing—she disappears into the role. And for her Spencer promotion, she took full advantage of her ambassadorship with Chanel to deliver memorable looks that reflect her edgy personal style while still honoring Princess Diana’s ’90s elegance. Some of the looks she’s worn in the past few months have been her best…ever.

Her street style is just as inspiring: Stewart goes for comfort while sticking to her signature laid-back aesthetic. From her Twilight debut in 2008 to her Spencer press tour, here are some of Kristen Stewart’s best looks.

Lace at the Breaking Dawn Premiere

In a floor-length dress with sheer and lace detailing, Stewart stunned at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 UK premiere. Black ensembles are a signature for her, and she’s well ahead of the sheer dress trend we’ve seen all over the red carpet this year.

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